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Pond Restoration
Left Fork Pond, Ruby Valley, Montana
Left Fork Pond Before
Left Fork Pond After
Kingfisher Consulting was hired to address a number of significant problems with this unfinished pond in Southwest Montana. It had been dug within an existing stream channel—in violation of department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks regulations. In addition, all the excavated material from construction was left unvegetated in mounds on the banks of the pond where it was invaded by a significant weed infestation. The outflow works drew heated water from the surface of the pond and impacted downstream areas with thermal pollution. Kingfisher Consulting rerouted the inflow channel to flow around the pond, which reconnected the stream with upstream springs and wetlands. All of the spoils piles were relocated, recontoured and revegetated to fit into the natural topography of the area. The pond was enlarged in several places, while the original impoundment was reconfigured for added stability. Finally, Kingfisher Consulting replaced the outflow works so that water is actually cooled by several degrees as it flows through the pond.