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About Kingfisher

Kingfisher Consulting, Inc. is a small design/build firm specializing in the management, design, and construction a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial landscapes. With special emphasis on native species, Kingfisher works with landowners, agencies, and corporate entities to evaluate existing conditions, design functional habitat features, acquire relevant permits and supervise all construction activities. Above all, our projects result in naturally functioning, and aesthetically pleasing ecological systems native to the project site. This emphasis on providing design elements appropriate to the project site ensures that our clients gain optimum habitat for native and resident fish, birds, waterfowl, wildlife, and vegetation.

Kingfisher's projects range from basic consulting and advisory services to determine wildlife potential or management tactics on a client’s property to large-scale earth moving projects that create, modify, protect, or restore habitat features.

For private clients, our goal is to evaluate the natural resource potential of a property, and to develop comprehensive management approaches towards realizing this potential. This may consist of fostering an understanding of the complex natural processes on the property and of the fish and wildlife responses to these processes, or of restoring, creating or enhancing these processes for the benefit of fish and wildlife. Kingfisher Consulting, Inc. provides a broad range of cost-effective and innovative approaches to landscape management.

For public agencies, Kingfisher Consulting, Inc. provides stable, appropriate, and cost effective approaches to habitat issues on public and private lands. These projects are designed to accommodate the funding sources, multi-stakeholder interests, land use practices, and the inherent visibility that comes with publicly sponsored projects.