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Land Assessment
Throughout the years, we have had to turn away clients who have come to us for assistance in developing various habitat features on their newly acquired properties. Without exception, this has been due to the fact that the property could not support the type of landscape features that the buyer had envisioned. This may be a result of having the perfect pond site, but no water rights; an exceptional trout stream—that goes dry for the entire month of August; or a beautiful wetland, which is far removed from migratory waterfowl flyways. Unfortunately, these issues may not be apparent until after the transaction is complete. Kingfisher Consulting will work with perspective buyers and realtors to locate an agricultural or recreational property that satisfies all of the buyer’s wishes by avoiding these kinds of surprises. Whether you would like an analysis of a specific property, or you want Kingfisher to locate a property that meets your criteria, Kingfisher will provide a detailed overview of existing habitat features, fish and wildlife populations, potential for enhancement, water rights issues, conservation easement potential, and any other issues that may be helpful in the decision making process.